High School Band

A high school band is a talented group of musical students who are aged between fourteen and eighteen years old. They are required to rehearse as a unit and give performances to the school, public, and in various competitions. Most bands that are put together in high school would consist of players of wind instruments and percussion instruments.

The concept of high school bands is more common in the US as opposed to other countries. It is a tradition that dates back more than a hundred years and one that is still immensely popular today. As there is usually special funding provided to school bands it is an activity that attracts musically gifted students who enjoy using their talents. In the UK school bands can also be found, though here the focus is primarily on pure brass brands.

High school bands are most often very competitive. As children grow older it is likely that they develop an interest in music. Within the high school age range there is a greeter expectation to become an accomplished musician. It is suggested that bands at this level pose a greater challenge to students and also encourage them to develop their skill and aptitude when compared to middle school level.

The music that is performed can feature highly complex passages, as well as involved phrasing, and intricate rhythms. The selections that are chosen to perform can be varied, in part it would depend upon the guidance and expectations of the teachers that are unemployed in the schools music department.

Most bands are expected to successfully play and perform a wide range of musical styles, this can include relaxed melodies and serious program music. For a large number of students a school band is the best expression and outlet for their musical education. It offers a way to develop friendships with like minded students and also can provide a means to travel and tour both within the state and nationally.

It is expected that a school band is accomplished at playing a traditional repertoire of standards. For example this can include Holst’s Second Suite in F and First Suite in E Flat. Graingers Lincolnshire Posy and Children’s March are also well used favorites. The high school band can be called on to perform at a variety of functions both within the school premises and the wider community.

The number of performers in a band will vary depending upon the availability of musical students as well as the academic schedule. It may be the case that certain students are called upon to play a number of different instruments as opposed to single piece.

Many schools in the US also have a marching band. These may contain as few as eleven students or as many as a hundred or more. They have become a common feature at school sporting events such as football games and provide entertainment for a set amount of time. Marching bands are generally a more common sight during the late summer months and early fall, at other times of year the weather can be prohibitive to outdoor performance.

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