Arizona’s Central High Adopts New International Standards For High Schools

With the terrible tragedy of the recent shootings in Arizona, it is good to know that there is still some good news coming out of the beleaguered state.

You hear so much about how the U.S. is laggin in educational standards and performance these days, so it is good to know that change is happening here – even if it happening slowly…

Central High School is the first public school in the state to adopt the University of Cambridge International Examinations, a rigorous system that will upgrade the curriculum at the Phoenix school to international standards.

Board-examination systems are one way schools in Arizona are becoming more academically competitive.

Unlike regular benchmarking tests such as AIMS and SATs:

– Board exams are complete instructional systems, already aligned with the new Common Core Standards adopted by Arizona last year.

– The end-of-course exams are internationally recognized, so students and schools can compare scores not just within a district or the state, but globally.

– Board-exam systems are broader than Advanced Placement classes or the International Baccalaureate Diploma program because they encompass all high-school grades as well as all subjects, including physical education and career-technical education.

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