High School Hall of Fame

“Twelve inductees were enshrined into the National High School Hall of Fame on July 2, the Sentinel in Carlisle, Pennsylvania reported Saturday. Along with Billy Owens, a basketball standout at Carlisle High School, inductees included players, coaches and officials from across the country noted for their contribution to high school athletics. This year’s ceremonies were held by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) at the the Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

High School Hall of Fame

Owens played basketball for Carlisle High School in the late 1980s and helped lead the team to four straight state championships. He averaged 34 point a game his senior year and was one of the most sought after recruits in the country. He played forward and guard for Syracuse University and was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 1991. He spent 10 season in the NBA, with six different teams, averaging 15 points a season his first three years with the Golden State Warriors.

Other inductees include Dan Washburn, a coach, teacher and administrator in Alabama. He coached the Prattville High football team to four state championship appearances, compiling a record of 114-50-12 with the school. Washburn also spent 16 years as the executive director of Alabama High School Athletic Association, before retiring in 2007.

Emry Dilday, a Missouri high school football official for more than 43 years, was also honored. He officiated more than 50 Missouri state tournaments, including nine state championships, and was considered the top referee in the state.

Others entering the 2011 class include Rick Tucci, a Florida wrestling official; Leta Andrews, a high school girls basketball coach in Texas; and Larry Shaw, a West Virginia high school wrestling coach for 31 years.

The Nation High School Hall of Fame was started in 1982 by the NFHS, and this year’s ceremonies closed out the 92nd annual NFHS Summer Meeting. Including this year’s class, the number of Hall of Fame members is 386.”

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High School Football

High school football is one of the most enjoyed interschool sporting activities that is played in America. Also known by the name prep football, it is a sport that dates back to the development of the game back in the nineteenth century. Fast forward to today and we see that its popularity has never decreased. In fact it is a sport that has developed a huge following and a long list of traditions.

High School Football

The rules that govern high school football are established by the NFHS, otherwise known as the National Federation for State High School Associations. As the sport has the same ancestry as the college game the basic rules are the same though there are a few differences worth noting. The quarters are of twelve minutes in duration instead of fifteen. The kick-offs happen from the forty yard line whereas in the NFL and college game it takes place on the thirty inch line.

Other notable differences are that if the ball crosses the plane of a goal line during a missed field goal the referee then calls for a touchback from the twenty yard line, also each kick that crosses the goal line is instantly determined a touchback. Whether overtime is allowed depends upon the state association which is being used.

The training that is expected of players most often begins with conditioning exercises such as weightlifting and speed and agility workouts. When this begins would depend upon the state and the high school in question. It may start as early as a couple of weeks after the close of the previous season or as late as the month of August. Towards the end of the summer regular practice begins that involve daily sessions each afternoon apart from on the actual game days.

A typical high school football season would involve around ten games. The first match takes place at the start of September and the last regular season clash would occur in the middle of November. The best teams and largest schools can receive crowds of thousands of spectators and may even play at a college stadium to ensure maximum possible attendance.

Most high school football games take place on Friday evenings though they may also occur on a Thursday or Saturday. This would depend upon the available facilities such as whether or not the field has adequate illumination.

At the end of the regular season there is a short break before the playoffs begin. Regional champions would take part in elimination matches which determine the state champions. In large urban areas there are city leagues, whilst in smaller states the playoffs are seeded on a state-wide basis. Championship games take place on neutral ground, typically an NFL or college stadium large enough to hold a big crowd. These stadiums are also better suited to cope with bad weather which can occur in the month of December when the championships are decided.

The national champions are decided by mathematical formulas that take into consideration various factors such as the mean margin of victory and the strength of the seasons performances.

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