Hurricane Sandy School Closings

As Hurricane Sandy barrels towards the East Coast, affected States are taking emergency measures to ensure the safety of residents. A disaster of this magnitude has the potential to cause significant damage, and as a result, school districts in each State are affected. The following information is a list of state by state school closures.


School closures are widespread in Connecticut, with all Districts being closed on Monday and Tuesday. There are a total of 521 closures:


Delaware schools are closed on Monday and Tuesday. If your school is not on the following list, you are advised to contact them directly.


As of Monday morning, there are various school closures and activity/evening class cancellations throughout Massachusetts.


School districts in Maryland are closed today; while many are also closed tomorrow, certain districts have yet to update their information. If your school is not listed, contact them directly.

North Carolina

Information on North Carolina school closures is limited at present. The following link will be updated throughout the day. It is advisable to contact your school district directly.

New Hampshire

All schools are closed on Monday, whether it’s the entire day or the afternoon. Information for Tuesday will be updated.

New Jersey

New Jersey is expected to take the brunt of Hurricane Sandy’s force, and all schools are closed today, with many reporting that they will also be closed on Tuesday.

New York

The New York school districts will be closed on Monday, further updates regarding Tuesday to follow.

Rhode Island

While some schools are open today, the majority will be closed tomorrow, and evening activities have been cancelled.


School closures are widespread tomorrow, with certain districts also closed today.


Vermont schools are closed today. This list will be updated as necessary.

West Virginia

Many of the West Virginia schools have chosen to remain open today. The situation may change; this list will be updates regularly.

This is a very fluid situation due to the nature and severity of Hurricane Sandy, so this information could change at any moment. It is advisable to regularly check with your local school district for any updates. School make-up days will be announced State by State when this destructive weather event is finally over.

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