High School Academics

High School Academics and College Prep

If you are preparing for college or any type of post-high school education, the courses you take in high school are fundamental. What basic information do you need right now to find out if your high … [Read More...]

High School Subjects – What Subjects Will You Have To Take?

Secondary school subject choices have changed in the last century. Great grandparents of the current high school generation often were fortunate to be able to go beyond elementary school. Students had … [Read More...]

Understanding High School Report Cards

Many things are different in schools today but one dynamic that has not altered is the assigning of high school report cards to students. Grades can be used for a variety of means, they help to show … [Read More...]

High School News

Hurricane Sandy School Closings

As Hurricane Sandy barrels towards the East Coast, affected States are taking emergency measures to ensure the safety of residents. A disaster of this magnitude has the potential to cause significant … [Read More...]

Top 100 Largest High Schools in America

As school is starting back lots of new high school students are walking the halls of their new high school for the first time, and probably feeling a little overwhelmed by how much bigger high school … [Read More...]

Freedom High School Bomb Plot Thwarted

A Florida teen is in custody after being arrested on suspicion of planning to blow up his school. Jared Cano Arrested Jared Cano, 17, who had been expelled from Freedom High School in Tampa, and … [Read More...]

High School Sports

High School Sports: An Introduction

High school athletics have been responsible for launching the early careers of most major NFL and NBA athletes. But they also help you build a more well-rounded high school career (read: one that … [Read More...]

High School Sports – What Types Are There?

High school sports are a great way for students to develop social skills and also ensure that they remain fit and healthy through their academic life. There are in fact a number of sporting activities … [Read More...]

High School Extracurricular Activities

High School Clubs – About The Various Clubs You Can Join In High School

Dozens of high school clubs are available in the largest schools, while smaller schools may have only a few. Clubs that are sanctioned by the school administration often fall into one or more of four … [Read More...]

High School Band

A high school band is a talented group of musical students who are aged between fourteen and eighteen years old. They are required to rehearse as a unit and give performances to the school, public, … [Read More...]