High School Accreditation – What’s It Worth to Students?

While you don’t hear much about it, high school accreditation is actually worth a great deal. These days, nobody knows that more than the students of Wake County, North Carolina who are in jeopardy of losing their national accreditation.

Simply put, accreditation is a means of quality assurance that speaks to the worth of one’s high school diploma.  Should Wake County sever ties with the agency that provides their accreditation, students may face the loss of scholarship opportunities and be turned away from the college of their choice.

The Wake County school board owes it to the community to resolve their issues before the students have to pay.

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Portland Sets Precedent with Free Bus Passes for High School Students

Being a high school student in Portland, Oregon sure does have its advantages. Regardless of whether or not he or she can afford it, each student will receive a free pass to ride city buses.

Each of these bus passes retails for approximately $26 a month and will assist students in commuting to and from school, work, and recreational activities. The program receives some funding from money that would traditionally be spent on yellow school buses.

All in all, this sure beats having to wait from a ride from mom or dad…

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It’s FAFSA Time Again For High School Students Going To College

For graduating high school students getting ready for college it is time to fill out the dreaded FAFSA form so you can get your financial aid in order.

It may seem like a drag now – and it is – but a couple of years from now, when you know how to really milk the system and pimp your new apartment with a flat screen you bought with your financial aid money – you’ll be sure to get your form in early.   Start now…  Oh yeah – Yahoo’s got some real inside tips on how to work it for all its worth.  Check the link below.

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High School Basketball Player Wins YouTube Lottery

Don’t quit school kid, cause you’re not getting drafted up to the pros anytime soon…

You may have millions of hits on YouTube and are getting repped in major newspapers – but you’re not going to be making a career in basketball anytime soon….

Check the video on YouTube here.

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Arizona’s Central High Adopts New International Standards For High Schools

With the terrible tragedy of the recent shootings in Arizona, it is good to know that there is still some good news coming out of the beleaguered state.

You hear so much about how the U.S. is laggin in educational standards and performance these days, so it is good to know that change is happening here – even if it happening slowly…

Central High School is the first public school in the state to adopt the University of Cambridge International Examinations, a rigorous system that will upgrade the curriculum at the Phoenix school to international standards.

Board-examination systems are one way schools in Arizona are becoming more academically competitive.

Unlike regular benchmarking tests such as AIMS and SATs:

– Board exams are complete instructional systems, already aligned with the new Common Core Standards adopted by Arizona last year.

– The end-of-course exams are internationally recognized, so students and schools can compare scores not just within a district or the state, but globally.

– Board-exam systems are broader than Advanced Placement classes or the International Baccalaureate Diploma program because they encompass all high-school grades as well as all subjects, including physical education and career-technical education.

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Teen pregnancy epidemic hits Memphis high school

First of all, they’re not experiencing the joys of parenthood yet – if they’re still pregnant.

Even still – wow!  90 kids pregnant at your school – can you imagine that?

What everyone hasn’t figured out yet – is that this really is an epidemic – caused by MTV’s hit show ‘Teen Mom‘.  I mean really – what did you expect when you take a young, impressionable, unmarried pregnant girl – and offer her fame and fortune?  That girl that just got arrested for spouse abuse earns like $280k a year?!?!?  This is an epidemic for real – and we’re just seeing the beginning.

Ninety students who attend Frayser High School in Memphis are currently pregnant or have already had a baby this year. The stunning number means nearly 11 percent of the school’s approximately 800 students are already experiencing the trials of parenthood.

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Jared Lee Loughner’s high school girlfriend tells all

Kelsey Hawkes, high school sweetheart of Arizona shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner in high school, says “He was completely different back then than he is now.”

Poor girl.  The media has bum-rushed her as if she’s going to have any critical insight into the mind of a sociopath – when she hasn’t seen him since her freshman year in high school.

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American Heart Association Wants All High School Kids To Learn CPR

So if Biology, Chemisty, AP Math, and gym wasn’t enough – now we’re supposed to expect all high school kids to become little life savers too?

The American Heart Association wants to require all high school students to be trained in performing CPR.


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