Teen pregnancy epidemic hits Memphis high school

First of all, they’re not experiencing the joys of parenthood yet – if they’re still pregnant.

Even still – wow!  90 kids pregnant at your school – can you imagine that?

What everyone hasn’t figured out yet – is that this really is an epidemic – caused by MTV’s hit show ‘Teen Mom‘.  I mean really – what did you expect when you take a young, impressionable, unmarried pregnant girl – and offer her fame and fortune?  That girl that just got arrested for spouse abuse earns like $280k a year?!?!?  This is an epidemic for real – and we’re just seeing the beginning.

Ninety students who attend Frayser High School in Memphis are currently pregnant or have already had a baby this year. The stunning number means nearly 11 percent of the school’s approximately 800 students are already experiencing the trials of parenthood.

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