High School Baseball

If you have enjoyed playing in Little League and then followed this up with a stint playing baseball in your middle school, the natural progression would be to join you high school baseball team. At this level the competition is a lot more intense. Baseball is amongst the most popular sporting activities that can be taken up at high school level and unlike football it is possible to be head hunted for a professional team prior to graduating.

It is important to note that the rules that govern the high school game are very similar to that in the professional competition, though there are a few important differences. In high school baseball each team has ten players, nine of which can be in the field at one time. A designated hitter is allowed to bat in place of a particular fielder and not just as a replacement for the pitcher. The mound would be exactly sixty feet and six inches away from the home plate.

In the high school game the bases are kept ninety feet apart and are fifteen inches square. There is no safety given at first base. A baseball that bounces over the perimeter line would be termed a ground rule double. Each runner is allowed two bases though it is up to the umpire to choose to allow an additional base if he is under the belief that an extra base would have been reached if the ball was still in play.

All players taking part in the school baseball are required to wear helmets when it is their turn to bat as well as when on the base-paths. It is up to the player to decide to use a face-mask or not. All catchers must use catcher’s masks, shin guards, and chest protectors. If a catcher opts for a traditional mask this must include a throat protector, but this is not required if wearing a goalie type mask.

To be eligible for a high school team you must first of all meet classroom eligibility requirements. This would involve achieving acceptable grades and the right amount of attendance. It is also a prerequisite to complete a physical examination and be given consent by a parent or guardian.

There are certain player rules that you would need to familiarize yourself with if you are to develop a great reputation for the game. Strict pitch counts are given for each pitcher which are monitored closely by the coaches. The rules that are enforced are primarily there to ensure safer base running and to minimize risk of injury to participants.

To be considered for you local school team you will need to ensure you are in the best physical condition. The exercise programs that are used in training exist to increase flexibility and strength.

Most states have strict rules that govern schedules and workouts to minimize the risk of injury and to encourage fair play. The state will also set a limit on the number of games a team can participate in.

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