High School Project Graduation

Graduation night activities in some north New Jersey school districts have been made safer because of the dedication and efforts of parents, students, and staff. Project Graduation is a program that began in 1980 and it’s purpose is to provide a safe environment for graduates to celebrate in an atmosphere that is alcohol free and supervised by adults. It is a safe alternative for students to have a memorable evening and it is totally funded by the dedication and hard work of the students and parents, rather than the school district.

Fund raising projects, along with ticket sales, make Project Graduation a success. Money raised from fund raisers such as car washes and pancake breakfasts, make it possible for students who would not otherwise be able to attend such events. Schools have raised impressive amounts of money to put together these terrific events. Amounts totaling $20,000 to $65,000 were raised exclusively by parents and students from Hawthorne and Ramapo high schools respectively.

High School Project Graduation

While the number of students attending these graduation festivities increases, the amount parents are required to pay for their children to attend decreases, and this is all a result of hard work and dedication put forth to raise money for a safe and fun night to remember.

Although drinking and driving fatalities continue to decrease according to statistics, these accidents are 100% preventable. Education and safe alternatives for young people is the key to keeping them safe. In 2008 New Jersey reported 590 traffic related fatalities, of which 190 of those were alcohol related. Though this is a great decrease from just 20 years ago with a reported 1,051 traffic related fatalities, of which 457 of those were the direct result of drinking and driving, it is still not acceptable until the number of drinking related accidents is zero.

Safe alternatives like Project Graduation allow children a place and venue to celebrate their hard work and successful graduations. Past parties have included dinner cruises, mechanical bulls, and even an airbrush tattoo artist to make these events a huge hit.

137 of the 171 students at Hawthorne High School were in attendance for this years graduation night party. Because of hard work, dedication, and determination, these students were able to have a wonderful evening that is sure to be remembered for the price of $25 per student. The $20,000 raised by the students and parents was used for this night of a lifetime, thereby keeping costs reasonable and allowing children who otherwise may not have been able to afford it the opportunity to celebrate this momentous evening with their friends.

Showing students that an alcohol free celebration is not only possible, but can be fun and entertaining also, is a great way to begin their journey into adulthood. These student’s last thoughts of high school will be happy with fond memories and thankfully not a statistic overshadowed by memories of tragic events. These students are an inspiration and great role models for younger students who will follow behind in their footsteps.

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