High School Geography Test Results Are In

“All across America every year, there are thousands of students that take Geography placement tests. You need to pass these tests to be able to move on to the next grade, or to even graduate from High School. Facts have shown that over the last couple of years the geography scores for high school seniors have not improved. It seems that High School Seniors are doing well in all other areas of the exams, but they just can’t seem to grasp the U.S. and World History section of the tests. The tests have declined from the 1994 scores, in a dramatic way. The geography test isn’t given every year like other parts of the test, the last time it was given was in 2001.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) gives the same test to both public high school students, and private school students. It is the same test for everybody, so it can’t be broke down by the amount of money that a parent can pay for their children to go to school. The scores are based on a 500 point system, and from 2001-2010 high school seniors had an average score of 284. The score has dropped down to 282, which makes the student average, in the National Assessment of Educational Progress, definition of what a passing grade is.

Why has there been a decline in the test scores? Is it because students just aren’t trying as hard, or has the educational requirements changed where the teaching is concerned? Students don’t learn the same way that they used too in the 1980s, as a lot of teachers are opting to allow students to use online media instead of a paper and pen. In a world where it seems that everything is available at the student’s fingertips as far as learning the material, are they choosing not to learn it, or is the problem a deeper issue? Should you blame your students teachers for their scores dropping?

The educational requirement has changed a bit, as it’s become a bit more challenging as it should as the students get older. Most people think the things on the Senior Geography Test the students should know, yet they may forget the information over time. Who should be blamed for it?”

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