High School Extracurricular Activities – Sports, Clubs, Band, Theater

There are a number of high school extracurricular activities a student can take part in. It is important to realise that school is not just about acquiring academic knowledge. It is a time in a teenager’s life where they can develop life long relationships and learn important social skills that would place them in a desirable position for after graduation.
High  School  Extracurricular  Activities

Extracurricular activities are also a great method for finding a way into a desirable college. Most further education establishments today place a great importance on the activities a student has partaken of during their schooling, it may even open a door to receiving a special scholarship that would not be available to other students.

It is important that teenagers are allowed to develop an interest in the type of pursuits and activities that they enjoy. Their natural talent and inclinations should be encouraged, by doing so they can develop a sense of self worth and independence that may otherwise be lacking.

The most well known extracurricular activity is sports. Every high school has a number of sports teams that can ensure students stay in the best physical condition and develop an understanding of the importance of teamwork to achieve goals. No matter where the school is located there should be the option of joining a baseball, basketball, football, and soccer team, this goes for both male and female students. Memories of taking part in high school sporting competitions can last a lifetime.

Most high schools also have various clubs that you can choose from. These can be a great way for a student to increase their interest in a particular hobby or activity, as well as give back to the community. For example there is likely to be clubs dedicated to crafts, drama, literature, community help, foreign language, science, IT, as well as more civic minded groups dedicated to community service. Joining a club is a perfect way for teenagers to meet like minded individuals and build lasting friendships and relationships as well as enjoy a feeling of camaraderie.  Joining a club is also a great way to perform community service and give back to your community.

A lot of schools would also offer students the chance of joining a musical society. The type of group or society would depend in part on the decisions of the schools musical department as well as the ability of students that have enrolled at the establishment. High school bands are as common today as they have ever been, though there can also be the option of joining a jazz band, choir, marching band, or orchestra. Most schools musical societies ask their members to give performances on days when special events are being held.

It may be the case that the high school also offers theater as an extracurricular activity. Many students, no matter what the gender, have an interest in cinema and stage performance. Some of the country’s best known entertainment stars began their careers in their high school theater group.

By taking part in live stage performances students can enhance their confidence and develop skills that would be important in their life at a later date. Theater is also a great way for a student to improve their academic ability in subjects such as English language and English literature.

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