High School Summer Programs

“There are many summer school programs available to students who want to further their education during their vacation months. Outside of the mandatory programs for students who fail to complete their academic work, summer school programs offer a wide variety of learning and experience to those students who have the desire to expand their horizons. Many programs are widely available while others must be competed for. Choosing the right program depends on a students interests and skills and summer programs are an opportunity to cultivate and hone a wide variety of talents or interests.

High School Summer Programs
Many colleges offer programs during the summer months in activities such as soccer, basketball, and football in the form of sports camps. Usually coordinated with local schools and lasting two to four weeks students spend all day on a college campus, playing on the fields and courts and may also have the opportunity to be play and interact with college players. There are also academic programs in the arts and sciences, which allow high school students to attend actual college classes and earn credits toward their college careers. Some of these programs may require a letter of recommendation from a teacher or proof of grades so students should inquire at the college to find out exactly what is needed for admission into the program.

For students with Ivy league aspirations, summer schools such as Harvard’s Secondary School Program and Penn Summer Program may be the perfect fit. While getting into an Ivy League summer program will not guarantee admission to the college it is an excellent addition to your college applications and you may be eligible to take a semester of classes that will transfer to the given institution if you do get accepted in the future. These programs tend to be expensive but competitive scholarships are available.

Another option are high school volunteer programs. Some schools give students the opportunity to go outside of their comfort zone and volunteer in retirement communities, soup kitchens, or libraries for extra credit. These activities give students real life experience and also look great on college applications.

Regardless of what program students decide to attend it is best to carefully evaluate what it is hoped to gain from the program, how much time can be dedicated to it, and how much the cost will be. Once the parameters have been set, decide carefully and apply early.”

Penn Summer High School Programs

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