Did High School Hypnosis Lead to Suicide?

“A popular North Port, Florida principal, George Kenney, is under investigation following the suicide of two students that he hypnotized. Kenney, who is a trained hypnotist, hypnotized one of the students to help him focus on a test. The next day he committed suicide. Kenney hypnotized the other student five months before her suicide. However, there is no indication that either of the suicides are related to Kenney’s hypnosis.

Did High School Hypnosis Lead to Suicide

Kenney is well known at his school for using hypnosis to help students prepare for tests and to improve athletic performance. He is member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification. Kenney is also the author of four books about using hypnosis to defeat test anxiety and to master sports skills.

Kenney is currently working the Sarasota County School District offices, not at his high school. School Board officials are waiting to see if the North Port police decide to prosecute Kenney before deciding what disciplinary action to take. However, according to a report in Sarasota’s Herald Tribune, prosecution under the state law regulating hypnosis is unlikely.”

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Sarasota Herald Tribune Article on Kenney