High School Hall of Fame

“Twelve inductees were enshrined into the National High School Hall of Fame on July 2, the Sentinel in Carlisle, Pennsylvania reported Saturday. Along with Billy Owens, a basketball standout at Carlisle High School, inductees included players, coaches and officials from across the country noted for their contribution to high school athletics. This year’s ceremonies were held by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) at the the Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

High School Hall of Fame

Owens played basketball for Carlisle High School in the late 1980s and helped lead the team to four straight state championships. He averaged 34 point a game his senior year and was one of the most sought after recruits in the country. He played forward and guard for Syracuse University and was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 1991. He spent 10 season in the NBA, with six different teams, averaging 15 points a season his first three years with the Golden State Warriors.

Other inductees include Dan Washburn, a coach, teacher and administrator in Alabama. He coached the Prattville High football team to four state championship appearances, compiling a record of 114-50-12 with the school. Washburn also spent 16 years as the executive director of Alabama High School Athletic Association, before retiring in 2007.

Emry Dilday, a Missouri high school football official for more than 43 years, was also honored. He officiated more than 50 Missouri state tournaments, including nine state championships, and was considered the top referee in the state.

Others entering the 2011 class include Rick Tucci, a Florida wrestling official; Leta Andrews, a high school girls basketball coach in Texas; and Larry Shaw, a West Virginia high school wrestling coach for 31 years.

The Nation High School Hall of Fame was started in 1982 by the NFHS, and this year’s ceremonies closed out the 92nd annual NFHS Summer Meeting. Including this year’s class, the number of Hall of Fame members is 386.”

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High School Sports: An Introduction

High school athletics have been responsible for launching the early careers of most major NFL and NBA athletes. But they also help you build a more well-rounded high school career (read: one that could be more attractive for college admissions personnel), as well as build social and competitive skills, discipline and organizational skills. In some cases they are also the springboard to a competitive and valuable college scholarship.

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), 3.1 million girls and 4.4 million boys actively participate in high school sports across the nation and data indicates those numbers continue to climb. This is good news for a nation in which statistics for childhood obesity continue to be alarming.

Most Popular High School Sports

The most popular high school sports regularly include: football, basketball, track and field, baseball, and soccer for boys; and basketball, track and field, volleyball, and soccer for girls. It’s likely the local news outlets—TV, newspaper and online sources—cover the most competitive area match-ups. But we’re also to a point in our technological history in which you can watch your favorite high school sports teams on YouTube, or “friend” and follow teams and players on Facebook and elsewhere.

Emerging High School Sports

“Emerging” sports are those that have not enjoyed widespread popularity. Sports like lacrosse and cheerleading, or “competitive spirit squads,” may be regional favorites, or interest may be trickling down from colleges or private high schools, where lacrosse, equestrian, tennis and field hockey have long histories.

Other emerging sports to keep your sights on include: rowing, rugby, and even competitive dance.

Participating in High School Athletics

If you’re interested in a high school sport chances are good that you’ll have to try out. The most popular sports have varsity and junior varsity teams and many students show up for try-outs. But space is limited. Besides varsity and junior varsity, though, you may also have the option to participate in intramural or club sports. You get the rush without the pressure. And then again, less popular and emerging sports teams may welcome all who’d like to participate.

Getting a College Athletic Scholarship

Can you use your high school sports career to land a college scholarship? The college athletic scholarship arena is quite competitive, but with adequate advance planning and the right motivation and skills, scholarships for college sports are possible.

NCAA division I and II colleges and universities hand out many thousands of full and partial sports scholarships every year to high school athletes. In the most popular sports, these are ultra competitive. However, less competitive are athletic scholarships in less popular sports, such as swimming and diving and volleyball, among many others.

Keep in mind that if you’re a high school athlete and really want to use scholarship money to help pay for college that many community colleges and junior colleges also offer some athletic scholarships. Guess what? Many of these types of colleges “field” exceptionally competitive teams, so don’t rule them out.

High School Sports – What Types Are There?

High school sports are a great way for students to develop social skills and also ensure that they remain fit and healthy through their academic life. There are in fact a number of sporting activities and teams that students between the ages of fourteen and eighteen can partake of. Basketball, baseball, and football are perhaps the most well known though today there is also other activities such as soccer, cross country, track & field, and others that are becoming common.

It is important that all teenagers are encouraged to stay active and physically fit. In adulthood we often have very little time to dedicate to sports, therefore it is essential that young people can make the most of the opportunities available in high school. When taking part in a high school sport, students can learn about how team work is often the key to success and that when individuals pull together as a unit great possibilities can arise.

Apart from the health and social aspects of taking up a sport, being talented in a particular activity can also open the door to college scholarships.  This is can be an important consideration for students who may not be the best at academics and are looking for an edge to get into a college or university.

Many top athletes in a high school may be offered the option of one hundred per cent scholarship at a top college. In fact many well known universities and colleges, as well as professional teams, attend high school games in search of prospective talent.

It is true that the habits that are developed in school can often last a lifetime. Sports coaches that work in schools are trained in a lot more than simply getting students to achieve the best results. They can also ensure your kids develop health eating habits and build a character that is often missing from today’s society.

If a student develops a passion for a particular sport it can also help them to stay out of trouble. Teenagers who are active in their school teams are less likely to get in to trouble with their teachers or end up on the wrong side of the tracks. In today’s society there are a large number of unhealthy temptations that are common place in society such as drugs and alcohol, by being active in a sports team it can make sure that the student develops an understanding of how to behave and what is detrimental to their wellbeing.

Another important consideration is that many teenagers suffer from low self esteem. This can result in seriously problems when it comes to finding a role in later life. If they were to thrive in a sports team they can enhance their self esteem and confidence dramatically. It can be a great way for them to feel good about themselves and more so if they struggle with academic subjects.

High school is not always an easy time in a teenager’s life. By becoming a member of a sports team they will be more willing to attend school and have a positive reason for getting up in the morning.

For more information, click here: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/high_school.html